El hombre de Dios Dr. David Owuor, es EL PROFETA de los últimos tiempos del Señor. Profeta Dr. Owuor predica el mensaje eterno del Arrepentimiento y la Santidad en la preparación para el arrebatamiento de la iglesia, ordenado por nuestro Señor Jesucristo.(Lucas 24:46-47) El Señor lo está enviando a todas las naciones para preparar el camino del Señor a la iglesia de Cristo (la novia de Cristo) en Arrepentimiento, Santidad y Justicia, lista para el rapto glorioso, y para profetizar los señales del fin del mundo tal como terremotos, guerras, hambrunas, inundaciones y aflicciones (Mateo 24:3-7).

En la mayoría de las reuniones de avivamiento históricos y poderosos y conferencias por todo el mundo; ojos de los ciegos se han abierto, ojos creados, ciegos ven, los oídos sordos se han abierto, paralíticos han caminado, las personas han sido bautizados por el Espíritu Santo, la GLORIA SHEKINAH DE DIOS ha descendido en las reuniones y millones de personas se han entregado al Señor. Este es el avivamientos de los últimos tiempos y este último derramamiento del Espíritu Santo profetizado en la Biblia. Tal como en la Santa Biblia es profetizado.

Mal 4:4-6;Hch 3:17-26; Deu 18:15-19

El Dr. Owuor es la persona que Dios esta usando para advertir al mundo de la pronta venida de Señor, el profeta fue quien advirtio del juicio que venia a Asia cuando sucedio el Tsunamis en 2004, igualmente 2005 cuando advirtio a los Estados Unidos que se apartaran del pecado sexual, porque veia un juicio de Dios con inundación, cuando sucedio el Terremoto y tsunamis de Chile, el ya había advertido a esa nación que se arrepintieran porque venia juicio a esta nación de Chile, el Terremoto de Haiti, Terremoto y tsunamis de Japon, inundaciones en México recientemente, desastres y angustias en aviación, volcán de Islandia.

Las palabras pronunciadas por los verdaderos profetas en la Biblia siempre se cumplieron. El Señor también ha trabajado a través de él para sanar todo tipo de enfermedades bajo el sol, que incluyen la lepra y los VIH / SIDA. para ver mas aqui esta el

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A Brief History of Jews for Jesus

Our name tells who we are, who we stand for and what we do. Everything is right up front! While we might have chosen a less controversial name, Jews for Jesus is the one that most quickly, easily and accurately lets people know who we are and what we are about.

Sometimes people ask us, "How long has Jews for Jesus been around?" We love that question because it gives us the chance to grin and say: "Since 32 A.D., give or take a year." The joke reminds people that a minority of Jewish people have always believed and proclaimed the gospel, and that we follow in that same tradition.

Actually, "Jews for Jesus" began as a slogan. In the late 1960s a moving of the Holy Spirit brought thousands of cause-oriented young people to faith in Jesus, many of whom were Jewish. As for our organization, Moishe Rosen officially founded Jews for Jesus in September of 1973. Rosen, a veteran missionary to the Jewish people, was the executive director of the mission for 23 years. He revolutionized evangelistic methods and materials with his creative approach to communicating the gospel, and we believe he is the foremost strategist and tactician in the field of Jewish evangelism. He still works with Jews for Jesus full-time and serves on our board of directors.

What We Do

We communicate creatively!

Jewish people tend to dismiss evangelistic methods and materials that are couched in Christian presuppositions and lingo, because they reinforce the assumption that Jesus is for "them" not "us." In order to get beyond that assumption, we have to be innovative in the following areas:

Evangelistic Literature

We write and illustrate hand-lettered pamphlets with plenty of humor in an informal, conversational tone. (We take God seriously but we try not to take ourselves too seriously.) We call these gospel tracts "broadsides" and our staff hand-delivers more than eight million of these "invitations to interact with the gospel" each year. We've animated a few of our broadsides (for instance, I Thought I Was an Olympic Superstar and Jesus Made Me Kosher.) We also publish quite a few evangelistic books, including testimonies of Jewish people who believe in Jesus (such as Jewish Doctors Meet the Great Physician), as well as books on prophecy (such as Future Hope). We also publish Issues, an eight-page evangelistic publication for Jewish seekers.

Witnessing Campaigns

Campaigns are super-concentrated times of short-term outreach. We intensify an aspect of our regular missionary work-street witnessing-by sending our own staff and plenty of volunteers on sorties (tract passing expeditions) four times a day for two hours at a time. We usually conduct these campaigns during the summer months in New York City, Toronto, Paris, London, Moscow and various other cities throughout the former Soviet Union.

Music and Drama

We began creating Jewish gospel music and drama from the outset of our ministry as part of our street witnessing. Then we refined it so that it is also suitable to present in churches. These can be powerful evangelistic programs when Christians bring their unbelieving friends. For more information about having such a presentation, please go to this page.

Secular Media Outreach

We place full-page gospel proclamations as paid ads in leading newspapers and magazines such as Newsweek, Parade and The New York Times. We also broadcast evangelistic messages on billboards, in commuter trains, in bus transit shelters and on secular radio stations. Others have begun using some of these avenues to an extent, but Jews for Jesus has been on the cutting edge of making the messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to Jewish people via the secular media.

We love to visit Jewish unbelievers who have indicated an interest in the gospel. We offer individual Bible instruction, usually in people's homes, but sometimes over the phone or even over the Internet. As some come to faith, we continue studying with them, providing discipleship lessons until the new Jewish believers are well grounded in a local congregation.

Internet Evangelism

We have several web sites. One is for those who already believe in Jesus (the site you are on), while Jewish seekers find a rich and extensive resource at Regarding this second evangelistic site, many who may not be comfortable giving their address or phone number come to find out about Jesus at that web site. They ask questions and seek answers anonymously and within the privacy of their own homes. Many such people eventually become open to more personal contact with us, having examined the gospel at their leisure.

In addition we have a site that was created for our 30th anniversary as a ministry, at

We also have an online bookstore at, where we offer a large variety of books, music, videos, and other items.

Israel TV - Jews for Jesus' Dan Sered on HaOlam HaBoker

JEWS for Jesus Timeline

For more details about the history of Jews for Jesus click here to see the full Jews for Jesus timeline.

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